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"I received a free sample of Quinoa & Cranberry HoneyBar in the mail and I have to say this snack bar is delicious. Packed with healthy ingredients and great for on the go trips or in between snacks. And that it is made in Canada makes me proud!"

- Cheryl

"I absolutely loved my HoneyBar Sample! It was the Quinoa & Cranberry version and I will look for these in the stores. I usually find granola bars too sweet but this one was just right and tasted very wholesome. I didn't feel like I was eating something that lacked nutrition. Fantastic flavour and all natural :)"

- Eatcleanrdh

"My whole family absolutely loved the Quinoa & Cranberry HoneyBar sample I received. As I shared it four ways, it left me wanting more! I have since purchased two boxes of the bars."

- Franklen

"Thank You for sending me the Quinoa and Cranberry HoneyBar. This is a great tasting bar .... lots of grains and cranberries and a pleasant after taste too! The texture is perfect for my palate. I ate the HoneyBar as a snack in between meals, and it left me satisfied and full. Just what I needed. I will spend the extra money and buy these bars for a healthy snack in between meals."

- Nevia

"I was so happy to receive this and try it out. I loved it. I found they tasted great. Moist and crunchy with the nuts in it. A great blend of taste with the different ingredients in it. I would definitely buy them and recommend them to my family and friends. Love keeping snack bars with me and in my car all the time and these will be on my list."

- Sharon

"I just wanted to let you know that I was very happy to sample the Quinoa and Cranberry HoneyBar and really enjoyed it! It had great flavor and just the right amount of crunch! I find the bars are great when I'm on the run and give me a quick pick me up mid-afternoon! Thanks again for the sample!"

- Cindy

"Loved my HoneyBar!!! Every bite was so natural just like breathing air. Totally effortless Mmmmm. Love my HoneyBar."

- Susan

"I thought the HoneyBar was delicious! I had it while hiking and it was very satisfying. I thought it would be bland tasting but it was very flavorful. The honey really brought it all together. Thanks for the sample!"

- Kelly

"I just tried my free Quinoa and Cranberry snack bar. It was soooo... good. Would be great to to carry in your backpack or purse."

- Merrilee

"I have tried a few different HoneyBars and enjoyed them all! My wife and daughter have Celiac Disease and enjoy the Quinoa & Cranberry Gluten Free HoneyBar!"

- Hank LaRiviere

“My son and I both have high blood pressure and kidney issues. Our diet restricts us to less than 5% of sodium in any one item eaten. These bars are a definite and fantastic compromise in our home for snacks.”

– Miranda

“I just had my first HoneyBar (Sweet and Salty) and I wish it didn’t end so soon! I had to come on the website right away to find out what store nearby carried them!”

– Andrea

“I absolutely love HoneyBars! They are super delicious and very healthy. They are my first choice when it comes to snack time, especially before going to the gym. I wouldn’t buy anything else!”

– Ashley

“Our family is a long-time fan of HoneyBar. My husband suffers from hypoglycemia and sometimes he literally runs out of energy when his blood sugar drops. HoneyBar is a great, healthy rescue and a wonderful addition to our sports bags when we dance. We have often given them away to other dancers at our studio because they are starving and need some protein fast. We love them! Especially the Cranberry ones!”

– Susan

“I had my first HoneyBar last month and it was to die for. Crunchy, hearty and most importantly honey. It’s my go to 10am snack and I can’t leave the house without packing one. Nothing better than a sweet, nutty healthy snack!”

- Mike

“I just ordered five boxes. My family loves them. I love reading the ingredients list and knowing everything is healthy and natural. We are customers for life!”

– Tracy

“My husband and I are avid cyclist; cycling over 2000km’s this season so far. When we’re on a 100+km ride HoneyBars make the perfect high-energy snack for refueling. Their perfect balance of protein and carbs, and the healthy polyunsaturated fats that nuts contain reduce inflammation in the body strenuous exercise can cause! They are perfect. We never leave home without a couple in our cycling pack!”

– Susan

“When I first ate a HoneyBar my mouth exploded with a yummy sweet, sour and nutty taste! I’ve never experienced anything like it before!”

– Hanan

“I bought my first HoneyBar in a gas station, before cheer practice. I had never heard about it or of it before, but I loved the fact that there were no ingredients with super long names, and I savored the entire bar until the end!”

- Maggie

“I just wanted to tell you that I love your HoneyBars! I eat one everyday, they are my favorite “go to” snack!!! It’s nice to know they are healthy and that they are a Canadian product! I buy them through Sobey’s! My favorite flavours are Trail Mix & Cranberry”

– Lindsay

“Congratulations! I had the fortune to purchase the Sweet & Salty bar at our local Winners (as I have not seen it before in any outlet here in Calgary) and I want to let you know, I have tried a lot of “bars” but this one lives up to its name and the quality is excellent.. Thank you.”

– Lucyna

“Hi! I just wanted to show some gratitude, to say thank you for your delicious products of high quality (I love them all!). I don’t know what I would do without them (I have a very rare stomach disease and cannot eat just anything, but all of your products, and I’ve tried so many of them, have been very beneficial to me, they have helped me a lot). Once again, thank you for existing!”

– Marie-Helene, a loyal customer, FOREVER!

“I found these only a week ago and they’ve made everything better. I’ve been trying to be healthy but I couldn’t find anything sweet that wasn’t packed with preservatives and more junk. Now with the HoneyBar, I don’t have to suffer without my sweets and feel bad about it!”

– Arely

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